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 • Arlington Recreational Park is currently one chosen location for outdoor group fitness. Set up
 in a shady area or under shelter the location allows for a variety of activities to take place.
 • Fitness for small groups can follow the interests and goals of the group eg one session
  they may wish to do Tai Chi, another time cardio with Fitness Boxing and Walk / Run,
  another time General Strength and Flexibility while another might be Creative Fitness.
 • Robyn provides classes and group fitness to suit the location and request.
 • Classes are, and have been, provided in Senior Retirement Villages, Community Centres,
  parks and ovals.
 • A request can be made for Robyn to provide weekly classes at your nominated location.
 • The session will comprise of warm up, conditioning and cool down.

Various Classes

The following are examples of classes:
 - cardio may include walking, jogging, Nordic pole walking, skipping rope, hills, steps, boxing etc
  - resistance may include working through all the main muscle groups using dumbbells,
  kettle bells, therabands, ankle weights, medicine balls, own body weight etc
 - core may include chi balls, pilates rings, fitness balls etc
 - mobility may include posture, dynamic moves, etc
 - stretching may including static or dynamic moves assisted with a roller, towel, theraband, own body etc
 - Familiar exercises may include chest press, rear row, bridge lift, planks, shoulder press,
 triceps extension, dips, bicep curls, squats, lunges, hamstring curls, leg extension,
  abduction raises, abdominal curls.
 - Each session will enjoy its own creative spin and challenges providing variety and enjoyment.
 - All ages can be catered for.
 - My approach is that everyone is as equally important as the next, and everyone should feel safe,
  happy, challenged and catered for.
 - Classes have varied over the years but here is a sample that Robyn has run
 - Pilates Floor Mat, Total Body Circuit, Nordic Pole Walking, Tai Chi for Diabetes,
  Tai Chi for Arthritis, Heartmoves, Running Training, High Energy Outdoors Combo, Boxercise,
 Commando, Stretching and Crankit Straps.

Tai Chi Classes

CURRENTLY ON OFFER: - - Robyn teaches Sun Style Tai Chi which is an ancient Chinese movement pattern based
  on Yin and Yang. Each movement has a yang move that can easily be found as a
 self-defence move yet is presented as a form of moving meditation allowing one to discover
  inner self control, harmony, calmness and emotional balance. Calmness occurs through
  the challenge of remembering the choreographed moves and offers physiological changes
  including lowering blood pressure through the deep, calming breathing required.
 Additional benefits include improving mood, confidence, balance, coordination, leg strength
 and memory as well as having positive effects on many health issues such as Diabetes,
 Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Depression, falls prevention, and reducing stress to name
  but a few.
 - Robyn teaches Floor Mat Pilates and may use additional equipment such as
 exercise balls, therabands, dumbbells, Pilates rings. Focus is placed on postural alignment,
 control, breathing and fluid movement to develop strength in the deep core muscles
 surrounding the spine which assist with good posture.
 - Mindful Fitness is a collection of physical exercises that lend themselves to being
  in the present moment. It starts by bringing our attention inwards activating and strengthening
  the prefrontal cortex, the section of the brain that creates a calm and alert state of mind,
  helping us to stay focused and avoid distractions. By settling our mental chatter,
  we can temporarily release ourselves from past and future thoughts which can contribute
  to a stress response.
 - Robyn teaches Heartmoves or Chair based exercises for seniors using the chair
 as a tool for balance, strength, posture, breathing, cardio, mobility and flexibility.
 Sitting, standing at or near the chair provides security and safety for the elderly and boosts
  productivity and motivation. It is excellent for health conditions, vertigo, panic attacks,
 depression, post rehabilitation, aging bodies, obesity, diabetes and disability.
 Robyn has taught many people including those arriving and needing walking frames,
 oxygen tanks, Carer support etc.
 - Robyn can teach people how to become a runner from Walk to Run. For those who have
  never run and have always desired to, this safe method can help all individuals,
  no matter what their health base to progress to the goal that they choose.
 - Walking groups are always social and fun. They can be as simple as walking, with or without step,
  weight or fitness goals or can have challenges and additional activities included.
 - Robyn has been teaching Aqua Fitness for several years at many different venues
  with different age groups. Shallow and deep water, small and large groups. A full body workout
  comprising of cardio, strength, core and flexibility are provided with music to suit the age group.
 - Mobility and Flexibility becomes more is essential as we age.
 Class style varies depending on the group.
 - Creative Fitness is a combination of walking followed by a creative activity
  such as drawing, painting, poetry, photography. The creative component occurs at a time
  when the group are relaxed and reflect on the beauty of their surroundings with attempts to capture
 moments either through an artistic or expressive activity.

Qualifications / Certifications

– Robyn draws upon previous experience as a Primary Teacher,
 Specialist Expressive Arts Teacher and Educator, Upbeat Music Consultant and Presenter,
 actress and dancer in 2 amateur theatre productions and visual artist prior
  to becoming a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor.

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teaching Chair Yoga: Sitting Mountain Series
– 32 Hour Teacher Certification – 27th Dec 2021
Tai Chi 73 Forms – Dr Paul Lam – 2017
Tai Chi for Energy – Instructor / Leader’s Course -Dr Paul Lam – 2015
Tai Chi for Energy 2 – Dr Paul Lam – 2015
Ti Chi for Arthritis Instructor / Leader’s Course – Dr Paul Lam- Certificate No- 08436A- 2009
Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor / Leader’s Course – Dr Paul Lam- Certificate No- 01354 D – 2008
Infection Control Training – COVID 19 – Australian Govt Dept of Health– Aspen Medical – 4th June 2020
Accident & Injury Risks in Fitness Facilities and Environments– I Learn FA - 45336457– 8th April 2020
Exercise Safe: Putting Clients First Seminar – I Learn FA –45336224- 8th April 2020
D Bands Professional Trainer Course -26th Nov 2017
Aqua Instructor – TAFE SISFFIT022– 28th Jan 2017
TRX Group Suspension Training Course – RSGC - PTA- 0760 – 16th Aug 2016
Accredited Bootcamp and Outdoor Group Training Instructor – Level 2 Advanced Boot Camp &
Outdoor Group Fitness Instructor Course
- Motivate to Train -2013
Bootcamp & Outdoor Group Fitness Instructor Course - Level 1– Motivate to Train – 2013
Crankit Straps Essential – Crankit Fitness - 02434FA0113 – 10th June 2012
Crankit Straps Advanced – Crankit Fitness -91217FA1013 – 10th June 2012
Heartmoves for MS – National Heart Foundation – FA – 2011
Heartmoves Exercise for Older Adults – National Heart Foundation – FA – 2007, 2009, 2011
Active Anatomy Postural Analysis Workshop – FA - 01870FA0510 16th January, 2010
Active Anatomy Core and Pelvis Workshop – FA- 01871FA0510 6th February, 2010
Active Anatomy Level 2: Neck and Shoulder – FA- 01913FA0810 – 7th November, 2009
Active Anatomy Level 2 : Hip, Knee and Ankle – FA- 01912FA0810 – 5th December, 2009
Cert IV in Fitness Pilates – AFN- 91313NSW – 2008 - NET001 Fundamental Matwork,
NET002 Intermediate Matwork, NET003 Individual / small Group Pilates,
NET004 Pilates on the Ball, NET005 Remedial Pilates, NET006 Pilates and Pregnancy
Active Over 50’s Provider– Certificate of Accreditation –NSW Health SSWAHS- 2007
Group Exercise Instructor (Fitness) SRF 06– Fitness Institute Australia – SRF 30206 -1st June 2007
Plan and Deliver Exercise for Older Adults – SRFOLD001B - Australian Institute of Fitness NSW – 9th May 2007

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