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There are many things each day that affect our weight. Weight Management does involve weight loss, but rather focuses on you achieving long term holistic lifestyle sustainable goals that focus on habits to provide you with a healthy body. Understanding how food breaks down and its influence on hormones, muscle, fat, and your immune system helps you make better daily food choices. Gradually it is pieced together, like a puzzle, to help you shed unwanted unhealthy body fat and replace it with living tissue, muscle, that will help your overall health from bone density, circulation, elimination, fitness and body composition to health and wellness.

Robyn offers you a Weight Management Plan that is
 • Evidence based
 • A quality program
 • Educational
 • Choice or combination of face-to-face and Zoom sessions
 • Options for additional individual or Group activities that may include
 such things as a supermarket shopping expedition, pantry and fridge decluttering
 and reorganising, greengrocer shopping e xpedition, cooking activity,
 eating out activity, group fitness activity and more.
 • Personalised
 • Respectful
 • Private

The 12 week Weight Management program involves:-
 • Completion of a Pre-Screening health document to be filled in, and where necessary, signed and supported by your medical practitioner. (This may then be followed by communication with your medical or allied health professional if there are Referral parameters such as limitations, identifications, or procedures that you require)
 • From the Pre-Screening information a Client Action Plan is prepared. (This includes a Vision Statement, short- medium- and long-term SMART goals, identifying barriers to overcome and strategies for success)
 • Weight Management tools and appraisal methods are decided that will help you achieve your goals
 • Weigh and measure begins and continues weekly
 • A meal plan is designed
 • A fitness / exercise plan is prepared
 • Weekly consultations occur
 • Motivation, monitoring and assessment strategies are developed

As we go through life our body changes to reflect our lifestyle. Pending our personal goals and health conditions, we can positively influence our body’s health and wellness status by being tuned into its ever-changing needs.

Weight Management should be viewed as a long-term concept. You are welcome to discuss strategies and ongoing programs that continue after your initial l2 week program. You may wish to repeat another 12-week program or adopt a 6 to 12 month program.

Robyn lays the motivational guidance for you having worked through 3 x 4 year-programs for her athletics in order to chase a childhood dream of running as an elite athlete and also to discover how to adjust to the gradual aging process and manage menopause. Her first 4 years involved just creating regular and daily training habits with an improved nutrition and recovery focus (aged 46-49). The next 4 years involved improved periodisation of training programs and introduction of specific nutrition goals for athletic performance (aged 50-54). The next 4 years involved increased specificity of both athletic and nutrition programming with a mindset like an Olympic athlete (aged 55-59). At age 60 Robyn came 2nd / Silver medalist in the W60-64 age group for 60m hurdles at the Indoor World Masters Athletics Championships in Torun, Poland. At age 63 Robyn came 3rd / Bronze medalist in the W60-64 age group for 300m hurdles at the Outdoor World Masters Athletics Championships at Tampere, Finland. Robyn is proof that it is never too late to start, never too late to have a go, never too late to pick up passions and see where they lead, never too late to try to change, never too late to create new goals, never too late to challenge old mindsets, never too late to show others what you can achieve, never too late to live out your dreams!

Robyn is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too!

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