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All sports people will tell you that you can’t make it to the top unless you can control your mind. It is mind over matter. The matter being your body. The head is on top, and it drives the body. Perfect alignment comes from progressive understanding of harmonising the technical movements into muscle memory, directing thoughts and senses, centring one’s balance to allow the skeletal structure and muscles to retain their integrity, full range of motion and capability. Training programs should comprise of both educated mental behaviours and empowered physical repetitions that resonates from the core and allow the athlete to fully immerse into the run. Detection of both strengths and weaknesses is discovered through a biomechanical analysis which then aids in the selection of training recommendations to assist the individual to improve speed and performance and contribute to sporting ambitions by guiding the athlete to focus on strengths, improve weaknesses and minimise imbalances.


  • Training - Little As, Junior through to Master age athletes with major focus on   60m, 80m,
 100m, 200m & 400m distances; 60m hurdles, 80m hurdles,100m hurdles, 200m hurdles,
  300m hurdles, 400m hurdles.
 • Athletes wishing to compete in sprinting events from School through to National level and
 Master Athletes wishing to compete in Club, State, National and World level.
 • Drive, stride and lift phases, starts, max velocity and speed endurance are taught for
 each specific race.
 • Athletes who have been injured or who have a condition that has hampered their progress
 and require modified training and/or specific technical drills to train or retrain to
  improve progress.
 • Athletes who wish to “go through the process of training” but do not wish to compete.
  Interest only and enjoy using athletics as the forum for fitness.
 • Technical drills, core and body strengthening, periodised programming for on and off season,
  preparation for races and block starts are all aspects of sprint training which is generally done
  on the track at either SOPAC, Homebush, or E.S. Marks, Randwick, or suitable grass tracks
  and artificial sport venues. Spikes are required but are not always used, pending phase of
 training program.
 • Training can be individualised more effectively in a 1:1 training situation, however,
  individualised training is also provided within small group training.
 • Robyn’s coaching is drawn from more than a decade of competing at World Level
 as a Master Athlete. Robyn’s World Ranking has moved from 20th - 11th up to 8th – 2nd fastest in her age
  group over the years and now has a silver medal in W60 60m hurdles,
 2 x bronze medals in W55 & W60 300m hurdles and W55 60m hurdles, several medals in relay events
  as well as numerous NSW State & Australian Records in sprints, hurdles and relays.


• Training 1:1 sport speed and agility drills and technique designed to improve biomechanics,
  speed, and reduce energy wastage and injury prevention.
 • All sports requiring speed from first step take off to top end speed suitable for their sport and
  position on the field can be trained.
 • Weaknesses are prioritised with training designed to convert weak into strong and remove
  feelings of anxiety and replace with confidence and a sense of empowerment.
 • Training can occur on athletic tracks such as SOPAC, Homebush and ES Marks, Randwick,
 netball courts, grass fields and artificial grass sporting fields.
 • Suitable footwear is required such as sport boot with studs or a good quality cross trainer.
 • Many athletes come with great skills for their sport, yet lack a quickness, acceleration,
  or speed with change of direction. All these and more will be addressed through training.
 • Robyn has 6 years’ experience as an accredited subcontractor coach for ASSA (Academy of
  Sport Speed and Agility) and draws on personal experience from early years of soccer,
  tennis, squash, snow skiing, water skiing, motorcycle pillion and love of driving, using both
  intuition, real life experience and learnt knowledge to applied coaching in order to
 individualise the experience for the athlete. It is not just about how to move the body,
  but how to get the mind to react to speed as well.
 • Robyn has coached hundreds of athletes from school age through to professional Rugby
  players. Coach is available for any sport eg soccer, netball, rugby, cricket, basketball,
 hockey, tennis, mogul skiing, etc…

SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 1:17.07 ranked 9th
In the 60m semi heat I qualified in 7th place.
SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 9.50
in the 60m final I came 7th improving my time a fraction, even after a false start ( not me ).
ranked 7th SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 9.48

I did a Season’s PB in the 200m coming first in my heat.
1st place SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 31.91 Q SB


In the 200m final, which was the same day at 8.30pm, I tried every recovery strategy under the sun but just couldn’t repeat the time from the morning finishing 4th.
4 SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 32.52
Next was 60m hurdles, which I adore! I was hot on Jane Horder's heals (the World record holder) coming in 2nd. This time round she and I have become pretty good mates, and I think she was a bit surprised at my technique.
SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 10.54 Q SB 2
Then in the 60m hurdles final, two hours later, I came 2nd again with an even better time and thrilled to get SILVER and stand on the podium.


2 SUTTOR Robyn W60 Australia (AUS) 10.35

I was first runner for the W50 4 x 200m relay where we came 4th in our heat and ended up ranked 6th out of 11 teams. My split time was the best in the team of 32.30
4 SUTTOR Robyn (W60) MONK Leanne (W60) COOMBE Amanda (W50) BROWN Petrina (W50) W50 Australia (AUS) 2:15.61 ranked 6th
Returning back to Oz I then re-grouped and went down to compete in the Australian Masters Athletics Championships, Melbourne. Finishing 1st in all my races. W60- 300m hurdles (1:01.25), 100m (15.76), 60m (9.43 this is better than at Indoor worlds at Torun Poland where I did 9.48), 80m hurdles (14.65- I was only 0.02 off breaking the Australian Record), 200m – 33.19. Gold in 4 x 400m Relay W220, Bronze in 4 x 100m Relay W220.

TorunSilverPresentation MelbourneMedals

Bronze Medalist at World Championship Level: (Bronze W55 300m hurdle Lyon 2015)

Clean Sweep of W55 Sprint Events by Robyn Suttor at Pan Pacific Masters Games
Gold Coast Athletics Stadium, November 2014

With Glyniss Nunn-Cearns who Presented Robyn Stands Proudly
Robyn with her 80m Hurdles Gold  with her 4 Gold Medals
  80m Hurdles-60m, 100m & 200m Sprints

Ranell Hobson, (left), Head Coach of ASSA, with Robyn, (right), at the Indoor World Masters Athletics Championships, Budapest, March 2014

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